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Liisa Kyle, Ph.D.

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I'm the go-to coach for smart, creative people who want to overcome challenges, get things done, and get more out of life. For the past twenty years, I've coached individuals, facilitated groups, and delivered inventive workshops on four continents.

I've developed countless tools, techniques, thinking activities, and fieldwork assignments to help people make real, effective improvements in their lives.

I've authored two dozen self-help books about making real personal change, coping in times of crisis, creativity, self-worth, goal setting and planning, getting things donemaking the most out of life, happiness, getting over regrets and disappointments, and overcoming perfectionism


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"Liisa Kyle's Weekly Prompts are like an espresso shot in my inbox. They help me wake up creatively." ~~ Maia Akiva, Writer,

"Liisa’s weekly prompts are always a welcome infusion of positive energy. I’m grateful for these gleams of light." ~~JMW, Teacher/Writer