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         Working with Liisa Kyle has been one of the best experiences of my life. She opened my mind to a whole new set of ideas, beliefs about myself and opportunities in my life and my career. She taught me that it's OK not to be perfect, that pursuing many talents at once is not failing but instead succeeding and she gave me the right tools to find the light amidst the chaos in my mind. Above all else she gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and to believe I am unique and worth all that I desire.

                    ~~ Murielle Ungright, Business Consultant

      Liisa Kyle has been instrumental in my life moving forward in a authentic way. I was thrilled to use Liisa's services for a second time when opening up my Private Practice. I appreciated the structure and the activities she provided to tease out what service I wanted to deliver with my strengths. Having the support during this time of creativity was priceless. I thank you very much Liisa!        

                   ~~Meena Montemayor, LCSW, www.Limitless    

  For an entire decade, I'd been doing a lot of bartending and waitressing to support my music career. After some intense sessions with Liisa Kyle, I was able, for the first time, to imagine a way to make a full time living as a musician. Within 3 months, I'd realized my dream. That was 12 years ago. Now, when I want to reach a new goal, I review my notes from previous sessions or check in with Liisa. She's helped me to compartmentalize my efforts so that each part of my career - whether it be on the business side or the creative side - gets my full energy and attention. At the same time, I'm healthy and my personal/home life is full. I'm living a balanced creative life that I love. 

            ~~ Katherine Wheatley, Singer/Songwriter

     Our business was failing, which put tremendous stress on our marriage. Liisa Kyle got us back on track. She helped us uncover and change the thought patterns and behaviors that were holding us back. She helped us find more effective ways of operating. Now our business is thriving and our marriage is stronger than ever. Working with Liisa has been the best money we've ever spent on ourselves.

                  ~~ C.C. & S.C., Entrepreneurs

     I struggled to write my novel for years. I started coaching with Liisa Kyle and within three months I finished my book! Sure, she kept me motivated and on track. But more than that, Liisa helped me identify, understand and overcome what had been interfering with my progress.

                   ~~ Publishe​d Author

     I met Liisa Kyle when I was at a crossroad in my career. She not only helped me get through the impasse, but also made me realize how I approach things in many aspects of life. I feel that I was able to know myself better through her coaching and thus was also able to shed some of the burdens of my old self. I can see the positive impact of her coaching for many years to come.

                  ~~ C.Z., Academic

    Well maybe I would have found an agent eventually but with Liisa Kyle's coaching, I got one much faster. The process was more focused and much less damaging to my self-esteem than it would have been had I floundered through it, alone.

                       ~~ S.K., Actor

     Liisa Kyle helped me get through the worst time in my life -- a painful divorce. Not only did she help me sort through the practicalities and handle the emotional fallout, Liisa coached me to create a wonderful new life for myself. Now I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone -- but if you have to go through it, do yourself a favor and hire Liisa Kyle! 

                      ~~H.M., Teacher

      When I lost my job, I was shellshocked. Liisa Kyle helped me create a new chapter in my life that's far more satisfying than what I had ​before.                                                  

                     ~~ J.W., Sculptor

     I wanted to get into a very competitive graduate program. My dream seemed impossible but Liisa Kyle coached me to overcome all the challenges along the way. With her her help, I got in! Now I'm living my dream and I'm using the skills and tools Liisa taught me to overcome new challenges.     

                     ~~ D.P., Academic

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