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Top Four Reasons People Work With Me

If you’re like most people who seek me out, you’re dealing with one -- or more -- of these four situations: 

1.   You are at a crossroads, a major decision point, and/or are experiencing a major life change. 

Whether the changes you are experiencing are chosen or imposed, it's natural to experience challenges, confusion, doubts and stress along the way. I can help you decide what you really want -- and don't want -- and tailor a plan to suit your unique choices, preferences, and circumstances. I have tools and techniques that will ensure your transition unfolds more smoothly, more easily, and more efficiently. I can help you make the most of your next life chapter, whatever it is.  

2.   You are dissatisfied with your life, stuck, frustrated, and/or disappointed.

You want something more -- or better -- or different -- although you might not know exactly what that is, let alone how to get it.

If this sounds like you, rest assured that you can improve your life. Together, we can figure out what you really want -- and how to make it happen. We can create goals and plans tailored to your unique strengths, preferences and circumstances. We can keep you on track, motivated, and overcome challenges along the way. Yes, you can get things done. Yes you can achieve your unique goals and dreams. Yes you can change your life and live a life you love.

3.   You know what you want but are encountering challenges in making it happen. 

Maybe you're having difficulty getting started . . . or finding focus . . . or maintaining momentum . . . or hitting your targets . . . or finishing something. I've helped artists and entrepreneurs get organized, get focused, and channel their creative energies effectively. I've coached people through particular projects like devising a business plan, launching a product, writing a book, crafting communication strategies, and managing interpersonal challenges along the way. I've helped people make major changes smoothly and to find effective ways to balance different areas of life to create a life they love.  

Many of my clients are multi-talented people juggling too many projects and too many ideas. If that sounds like you, rest assured, I've developed many tools and techniques just for you.   

4.   You are a perfectionist. 

Are you picky? Are you unnecessarily hard on yourself? Do you have overly high standards’ or unspoken rules that you abide by? Do you like things to be done a very specific way? Do you sense a chronic feeling of things j​ust note being good enough? If this sounds like you, you just might be a perfectionist -- and you know how stressful and unpleasant it can be.

I’ve developed a suite of tools and techniques to counteract the underlying fears and false beliefs that foster perfectionistic behaviors. I’ve helped people overcome their control issues, reduce the stress and anxiety of striving for perfection, overcome their pessimism, and shift from chronic disappointment to contentment.  

Interested in what coaching can do for you? If you'd like to find out more, fill out this short online form. Your information is completely confidential and filling out the form doesn't commit you to anything.

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