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When To Seek Coaching

Are you frazzled and stressed out, doing too many things but not seeming to accomplish anything?

If you’re got too much going on, it’s difficult to objectively assess how better to managing things. I can help you reduce stress, get organized, find more time in your week, manage your time better and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Are you having difficulty achieving a creative dream?

Maybe you’re having difficulty writing your book. Or finding an agent. Perhaps you’re not landing the acting roles you want. Or getting into the galleries or exhibitions you desire. Maybe your music career is stalled. Whatever your creative aspirations, I can help you achieve them faster, with less stress. I can help you overcome the challenges you encounter.

Are you stuck?

Maybe you’re stymied in the midst of a project. Perhaps you can’t decide what to do next. Maybe you have a particular goal selected, but you can’t seem to make much progress towards it. I can help you address and overcome what’s really been holding you back. I can save you time, stress and disappointment by helping you sort out your priorities, devising a practical plan to accomplish your goals, keeping you on track and addressing ways to overcome the challenges along the way.

Are you overrun with too many ideas and too many projects and too many talents...and feeling like you're not getting anywhere with any of them? 

That's The DaVinci Dilemma™ and one of my specialties.    I can help you discover, enjoy, direct, organize and work with your multiple talents.

Are you going through a major life transition such as a change in job, a new location, a divorce or other change in relationship?

Whether the changes you are experiencing are chosen or imposed, it’s natural to experience challenges and stress along the way. I can help you get through these transitions more smoothly, more easily and more efficiently. I can help you make the most of your next life chapter.

Do you sense your life is missing something? That you should be getting more out of life?

If you’ve been wondering ‘Is that all there is?’, I can help you understand what’s really going on and tailor practical solutions to enhance and enrich your life.

Note: Coaching is not therapy. If you require clinical help, please contact a qualified professional immediately. If you don't know where to start, ask your MD or try here:

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